As a socially anxious college student with little life experience and a dangerously open mind, Marissa found solace within the confines of an eating disorder—until life broke her wide open and taught her how to be present in her body, how to nurture her authentic self, and how to surrender to uncertainty. An intimate and offbeat memoir that penetrates the heart and mind, Starving in Search of Me is a companion piece for young adults who have struggled with eating disorders or other issues related to body image, identity, sexuality, and trying to find their voice in a modern world that can feel dangerous and overwhelming. The book provides readers an opportunity to be themselves, in addition to tools and resources to help them heal, cope, and live a more authentic life.



"A thoughtful and enlightening meditation on body image, identity, sexuality, and self-acceptance."

─ Aydian Dowling, activist

"Starving in Search of Me is a significant work of honesty that is going to provide company and hope to many who are struggling with the weight of a world that isn’t always easy to stand out in. Now more than ever before, young people need courageous voices like Marissa’s to guide and reassure them that what makes them different is what makes them beautiful. And what makes us suffer makes us human―we are all connected to one another through shared experiences of triumph, failure, and vulnerability. If you’ve ever struggled with an eating disorder, or any other form of self-harm or addiction, this book will resonate and gracefully navigate you toward hope, meaning, and light. In my opinion, Marissa has accomplished something pretty substantial here―she’s found a way to articulate in words the intangible depths of an experience that is hers, and all of ours."

─ Kate "Fruit" Flowers, Plant-based Advocate, Author, and YouTube Influencer

"Starving In Search of Me is a true companion piece for anyone who has ever struggled with food or themselves. Marissa dives deep into the emotional layers we all struggle with and offers readers a compassionate voice and the opportunity to simply be themselves."

─ Lindsey Smith, award-winning author of Food Guilt No More

"An intimate and engrossing memoir meets an empowering self-help guide for sufferers of anorexia and bulimia."

─ Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.