Want to be featured in my next book?

I’ll be releasing my next book, Everyone Is a Freak: Intimate Confessions About Sexual Desire, Sexuality, and Gender in February 2019, and I’d love for you to be a part of it!

This book will be a compilation of intimate stories, quotations, and revelations on sexual desire, sexuality, and gender identity. My goal with this project is to break down some of the stigmas surrounding sex, gender, and sexuality, and to illustrate that none of us are alone—regardless of whether you identify as straight, queer, polyamorous, non-binary, or genderfluid, I’m betting you have secrets to share that would be universally relatable to other human beings.

In my opinion, the LGBTQ+ community is, too often, treated as a container for all things considered sexually “alternative.” And yet, there are infinite sexual variations that exist inside of the heterosexual community as well—everything from foot fetishes to golden showers, and it’s rarely talked about. I want to expose these variations and therein help guide society to a place where individuals feel empowered to express their true feelings, fantasies, and desires, around sex, sexuality, and gender, without the fear of being judged or ridiculed.

I am not suggesting that everyone should behave like animals, seeking to fulfill every sexual desire they have, especially not without the consent of others involved. However, I do think many of us carry with us a lot of unnecessary shame. We repress desires that are rather harmless, denying ourselves (and others) the full experience of who we truly are. Are you a straight man who wants to cross-dress every once in a while? Or a transgender woman who’s into BDSM? Well, you deserve to be seen and celebrated for who you are.

Wanted: Your Intimate Confessions

In Everyone Is a Freak, I will be looking to feature 100 or more individuals with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, from around the country. All submissions will be kept confidential and anonymous unless you express consent for your name and photo to be included.

To participate, please click here to answer my brief questionnaire.

If you wish to include a photo of yourself to be included in the book along with your submission, please upload it here. As a note, only high resolution images will be considered for print quality.

For those of you who are chosen as features, I will notify you by email within the coming weeks.

Thank you for your support!