5 Self-Care Practices Worth Doing Daily

Do you want a better life, but you’re one of those people who just keeps writing “Meditate” on their to-do list?

You can’t turn on your computer without being barraged by articles by some “expert” who wants to tell you how to live better, be better, do better. Everyone is selling their latest book or workshop, offering a “free masterclass that will change your life.” But sis, you’re busy. And money doesn’t grow on trees.

Listen, I get it. Self-care is an investment. I can easily spend an entire day doing yoga, meditating, dry-brushing my body, taking a mineral bath, and preparing myself healthy meals and snacks. But assuming you’re an adult with a job and real-world responsibilities, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Hence, I’m going to share with you 5 daily self-care practices that are simple, accessible, and will give you the most bang for your buck. And when I say buck, I don’t just mean these things are cheap or free. I mean things that won’t take up a lot of your time or energy either. And the payoff/return will be more than worth it.

Beyond the health benefits of the practices mentioned here, there is also something really grounding about adding rituals to your day. So keep that in mind despite these things seeming simple - simple habits practiced consistently can make a huge impact on your life over time.

Without further ado, here are the 5 life-altering self-care habits you have no excuse not to start doing today, even if you’re busy:



Investment: $1 per week for 1-2 lemons (cut lemons into 4-5 wedges)

Save money on: doctor’s visits, vitamin C, fancy skin creams, nonsense weight loss products, cold medicine

Return on investment: increase immunity and alkalinity in the body, promote cleansing and detoxification, promote hydration, support weight loss, improve skin quality, aid digestion, freshen breath

Every morning, I wake up, pee. Then, I go to the fridge for a lemon slice and drink a full glass of lemon water. It’s a ritual that takes all of 30 seconds and gets my day off to a winning start.

Note: Water can be room temperature or warm.



Investment: 5 minutes

Save money on: cigarettes and booze

Return on investment: Improve mental clarity throughout your day, connect with your body and intuition, increase feelings of peace, wellbeing, and groundedness, reduce stress, increase patience, increase immunity

I like to set the timer on my iPhone and rest my phone on my stomach so I can focus on deep belly breathing. Be sure to take deep inhales, hold your breath for a few seconds at the top, then exhale slowly.

I don’t like to commit to meditating for more than 5 minutes at a time, or else I won’t do it. But once you successfully enter that “happy trance,” you may be surprised to find you’ll meditate for 10-15 minutes by accident. I highly recommend meditating first thing in the morning, before your brain is fully conscious.


Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 12.16.02 AM.png

Investment: $6

Save money on: listerine

Return on investment: improve oral hygiene, freshen breath, improve taste, reduce cravings for foods previously eaten

I’ve been using a tongue scraper for years. Just buy one on Amazon (metal is better than plastic, I like the Dr. Tung’s one) and scrape your tongue a few times after brushing your teeth. You’ll feel better, your mouth will be happier, and you’ll really notice the gunk come off after eating chocolate or drinking coffee.



Investment: a few dollars and 10-30 minutes per day

Save money on: therapy

Return on Investment: increase self-awareness, gain trust and conviction in your feelings, needs, wants, and desires, improve communication and relationships, increase feelings of peace, groundedness, and wellbeing, unleash your inner wisdom

I recommend writing by hand vs. typing. You can try both but you’ll notice that when you write by hand, it will be a different process. I type 90 words per minute so when I type, I am much more disconnected than when I write with a pen in a notebook. Writing by hand forces me to slow down and enter an almost meditative state where my mind and body are able to connect.

You can journal for any amount of time you’d like, but for starters (and for time’s sake), I’d recommend aiming for 10-30 minutes per day.



Investment: Kale is cheap.

Save money on: doctor’s visits, cold medicine, etc.

Return on investment: improve alkalinity, immunity, and overall health, get your vitamins and minerals, prevent disease, support weight loss, etc.

I don’t have many food rules, but this is one I’ve maintained pretty consistently for the past decade. Just eat one green thing a day. This can be one salad, a green juice, or even some peas or broccoli that you toss in with your pasta.

Too busy to even stop for a juice? I love Garden of Life’s Raw Perfect Food Green Superfood Juiced Greens Powder capsules, perfect for getting in some greens when traveling or on-the-go.

I hope these tips were helpful. Remember, health isn’t just something we measure physically - it’s about doing things that help you to feel sane and centered as well. Be intentional about where you put your energy. And take good care of yourself.

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