Did you know publishing a book could earn you hundreds of dollars per month?

Pilot Press is an innovative publishing company designed for new authors and social media influencers who want to launch a book on Amazon to promote their brand and earn additional passive income. I’ll take care of everything soup to nuts from writing and editing to publishing and marketing your book so you can keep doing what you do best—building your brand. And in a matter of months, you’ll be able to call yourself a published author and earn extra money while you sleep.



Writing & Editing

Through several virtual and phone interviews, I’ll work with you to create a book outline, title and subtitle, and overall plan for your book based on your business goals. I will then write and edit your book using our interviews along with any additional recordings or writing samples you will provide, and I’ll request your additional participation as needed. You will have 100% creative control over the final manuscript. You are in the driver’s seat. Your name will appear as the author. I am just going to do the grunt work for you utilizing my writing skills and incorporating my knowledge of writing and marketing a book that will sell.


Marketing & Design

I will design your book cover and interior along with mock-ups and promotional materials. Then we’ll work together to create and execute a marketing plan to promote your book to your existing fanbase and to a broader audience. This will include my formula for becoming an Amazon bestseller.



Once your manuscript is completed and you’ve approved it, I’ll upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform in e-book and print-on-demand paperback format. You will be listed as the author with Pilot Press as your publisher. You will manage your own book sales through your own Amazon account and you will keep 100% of your profits.


For all services above, my rate is $25 per hour. The average book will require a total investment of 40-60 hours depending on the scope of your book and your level of participation. There are no additional costs or fees except $125 for an ISBN number (for paperback books only) and any fees involved with hiring additional designers if necessary. With your cooperation and participation, I can guarantee the completion of your book within 12 weeks.


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